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From one hour Lunch-and-Learn presentations, to half-day and full-day workshops, to multi-session skills training sessions,

the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic can provide education and training in

self-regulation skills for health, stress management, and performance.




LUNCH & LEARN :     For information on Lunch & Learn presentations  read more...






ON-SITE  GROUP PROGRAMS (multi-session) :

Skills develop with practice.  Therefore the most effective stress management and high performance programs develop strong skills through a training program which goes beyond a single lecture or presentation.

On-site skills training programs at your location can be set up in exactly the same format as those provided at the University of Guelph.  

Or the on-site program could be a specially tailored program to best meet the needs and schedule of your group.

For example, the 12 session Relaxation and Stress Management Skills Training program may be modified to an 8 session ( 1 hour each session) program or modified to a 6 session ( 1 ½ hour each session) program with topics selected from the 12 session program.  Other topics of special interest to the group may be included in the modified program, and other program formats are also possible.

On-site multi-session programs have been provided for such businesses and organizations as the Upper Grand District School Board, Guelph Family Health Team,  Mount Forest Family Health Team, East Wellington Family Health Team, HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre, Agriculture Canada, Halton District School Board, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the Co-Operators, Communication and Power Industries, Cambridge Memorial Hospital, and Crompton Inc.  Comments from some of these participants include  read more...




Private sessions for individuals can be provided on-site at your location.  This may include biofeedback training.  Private training sessions are tailored specifically to the individual to enhance skill development.   



Biofeedback Demonstration

If you have a private room with an electrical outlet, it is possible to bring biofeedback to you!  We can arrange for private biofeedback demonstrations to a number of individuals in a morning, afternoon, or evening.  This is an excellent way to begin increasing  self-awareness and changing tension levels and stress responses at work-related activities. 

A 15-20 minute personal SEMG biofeedback demonstration shows shoulder muscle tension levels at rest and how they change while working at a computer keyboard or performing brief work simulations.  The biofeedback monitor shows instantaneously how much tension is currently held, and if higher than recommended levels are found, the biofeedback may help determine an individual's best approaches to releasing neck and shoulder tension during tasks.  Continued practice of the most effective strategies will prevent the build-up of strain and fatigue created by poor breathing patterns, body position and muscle habits at rest and at work.

15 - 20 minute (or longer if desired) individual appointments could be booked in advance with interested participants at your workplace.



The Stress Management and High Performance Clinic can set up a booth at your Wellness Fair to promote awareness and discussion about stress, stress management, and better sleep.



Since I like practical, hands-on things when I attend workshops, I tend to make my presentations practical as well   -  they are part information sharing and part skills training (actually doing some techniques right in the session).

The number of participants, program content, number of session hours, and travel expenses determine the fee for on-site programs.

I would be pleased to discuss with you the possibilities of skills training within your workplace, athletic facility, school, or community group location.  Do not hesitate to e-mail or call Kathy Somers at 519 824-4120, ext. 52662.   Please leave a message so I can return your call.