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The following comments are from participants, aged 15 to 86, who completed a 5 session Better Sleep Program
of cognitive / behavioural strategies that promote better sleep : 



"I tell my friends I love sleeping again!  They all want my notes and wonder how I did it!"


"I thought I had tried just about everything over the past couple of years. Now I've learned the key is to let go of my expectations for sleep and focus on clearing my mind. I am sleeping better and not stressing out about sleep as much as I used to (and I stress a lot!). Great program... I'm glad I decided to participate."


"I have relaxed more at night than I ever had. When I have not actually slept, I have just relaxed, and feel good in the morning. This course was more helpful than I thought it would be!"


"For the first time, I had some positive thoughts about sleeping at night."


"I really didn't think it would help me get a good night's sleep but now I lie down and just think about starting to relax and before I know it I'm asleep."


"I would estimate that over the past 3 years I have not gone without imovane for more than 3-4 nights in a row. Now, thanks to practicing the techniques it's been about 3 weeks without imovane. I'm impressed."


"I am finding that the quality of my sleep is improving and I am not waking up nearly as frequently during the night. It has been very helpful to become more in tune with my body, not just at bedtime but during the day as well."


"This program had lots of practical tips."


"It was better than I expected. The tools, education and group management were excellent. Overall, it was very helpful."


"Now that I've learned more about sleep, I realize I still have more to learn about it! It has been successful in making me more aware of my attitudes and behaviours about sleep and my expectations about sleep. Practicing deep breathing just as I go to bed has been very useful in making me sleep, or go back to sleep, right away." "I thought this program was really interesting - there is so much research on sleep that I wasn't even aware of! I found that clearing the mind and occupying it with other things was very useful and I rarely have trouble falling asleep. I even managed to sleep for almost my entire flight, and to fall asleep while the plane was taxiing before takeoff! I used to be a very nervous flyer!"


"Now I make time to 'unwind' before bed. It has been quite successful."


"This program has allowed me to become less anxious about my waking during the night."


"This program has taught me how to relax, how to deal with not getting enough sleep, and has let me realize aspects of my life I need to change that do influence my sleep."


"Good class. I have a new approach to sleep. I realize it is a learned behaviour; poor sleep is a conditioned behaviour. It has taught me techniques that will help me learn to sleep and recognize that loss of sleep is not the end of the world."


"It has helped me to be aware of what things really do influence my sleep. The exercises do help."


"It helped me realize the importance of how to go about sleep and see it as something natural that cannot be forced. It gave me hope for future sleeping patterns."


"After years of counselling and being told to try most of these techniques, I found it more helpful actually practicing them."


"Most importantly, the program has been successful in teaching me techniques to deal with "busy brain" that results from worry or concern over the future direction of my life."


"I enjoyed all aspects of the course. I have struggled with difficulty falling asleep since I was young. I used to worry about not falling asleep and I eventually developed negative connotations about sleep. Some of the ideas have allowed me to make significant progress in improving my sleep. It is good to know a variety of techniques to experiment with to try what is best for me."


"The information has really helped my wife sleep better too. It has helped the whole family - we are getting as much sleep as you can with a 7 month old baby."


"As a student, I often found it difficult to really maintain normal sleep. What I learned has been a big help so far and I'm feeling WAY more productive during the day! :) "


"I'm not sure that I'd have survived final exams without the program! It has changed both my way of thinking about sleep and the amount & quality of sleep that I get."


"I remember how much worse my sleep used to be, and just thinking about this and my sleep patterns helped me connect my sleep problems to some of the sources while taking the class."


"I got LOTS of good ideas! I analyze things too much and some techniques can undo this 'habit'."


"This program has been extremely successful for me. The last week I feel like I have made significant progress in becoming relaxed. I didn't think at first that I would be able to relax because I just felt so "wired". But with practice I was able to find that I could actually do it. The course gave suggestions that were very useful and the encouragement to actually try them."


"I became aware of negative thought processes which were inhibiting my ability to relax, then sleep. I didn't understand the value of ritual or routine. I found this to be a very enlightening experience, and am most grateful."


"I never realized how important my perception of sleep is, and its impact on quality of sleep. I've taken a lot of useful strategies away from this program. I've had good progress, and I'd recommend this program to anyone with sleep problems."


"This program has been extremely helpful. I feel like I have POWER over my sleep and can control how and when I relax. Realizing that you are in charge of your thoughts is simple yet hard to do, but when you do it - Freedom and Rest come."


"I didn't believe that I would be sleeping as deeply or as regularly as I am now. Even when I don't sleep now, I have strategies that help me cope through the night and the next day. I am gaining some physical and mental energy because my sleep has improved and I am more relaxed and alert during the day."


"I sleep much better now.  I don't fear sleep or treat it as an obstacle, and as a result I rest and allow sleep to take its place."


"Very easy, practical techniques and strategies that are working for me.  The program was so well researched, well-organized and effective."


"Going from 3 hours of trying to fall asleep to only about ten minutes is incredible! I'm so glad I came."


"As a retired teacher, I feel well qualified to comment on Kathy's teaching.  Her professionalism, communication skills, compassion, and attention to detail are excellent.  She is an exemplary communicator!  I am humbled by having experienced this course delivered by a master teacher."