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Many people request good books and resources on the topic of relaxation skills training.  It is impossible to have read or reviewed them all. 
Listed below are good books and other resources which have I have used and do recommend. 

Scroll down this list to find recommended resources on relaxation training such as :

  • books
  • MP3 audio recordings


Benson, H., & Stuart, E. (1992). The Wellness Book.

Carson, R. (1983). Taming Your Gremlin.

Earle, R., Imrie, D., & Archbold, R. (1989). Your Vitality Quotient. 

Fried, R. (1999). Breathe Well, Be Well. 

Gawain, S. (1978). Creative Visualization. 

Mason, L.J. (1980). Guide to Stress Reduction. 

Naparstek, B. (1994). Staying Well With Guided Imagery.

Nathan, R., Staats, T., & Rosch, P. (1987). The Doctor's Guide to Instant Stress Relief. 

Payne, N. (1985). Relaxation Techniques.

Stroebel, C. (1982). Q.R. : The Quieting Reflex. 

Youngs, B. & Youngs, J.L. (2001).  A Taste-Berry Teen's Guide to Managing the Stress and Pressures of Life.  

Zaffuto, A. & Zaffuto, M. (1974). Alphagenics. How to Use Your Brainwaves to Improve Your Life.
 (This book is out of print, but is available in the Guelph Public Library.)


MP3 Audio Recordings 

Many CDs and audiotracks are available on the internet and in local libraries. Only some accurately reflect current knowledge in this field.
From practicing with these as a guide, you can develop the skills to relax without needing the audio recordings as coach.
Sources such as Dr. Erik Peper, Dr. Emmett Miller, Dr. Tom Budzynski, and Drs. Charles and Liz Stroebel are highly recommended.

Dr. Erik Peper's 2-cassette package Breathing for Health with biofeedback can be obtained from Amazon.

Dr. Emmett Miller's MP3 audio recordings are available on loan from many local libraries or at

Dr. Charles Stroebel's Quieting Reflex Training for Adults, narrated by Judith Proctor, is available on audio cassettes at Amazon or perhaps in a library near you via

A number of commercial relaxation CDs with relaxation or environmental sounds are available from Whole Person Associates at

For children: Drs. Charles and Liz Stroebel developed special techniques to effectively teach the Quieting Reflex to children. They have two programs available: Kiddie Q.R. (Quieting Reflex for kids) for ages 4 to 8, and Q.R. (Quieting Reflex) for Young People for ages 9 and up.   This product is now available in CD format; e-mail Liz Stroebel at; visit or 


Relaxation MP3 Audio Tracks from the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic have instructions in a variety of adult relaxation techniques such as Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training, Alphagenic Relaxation, Open Focus, and Power Hour. For further information on these MP3 tracks available on CD or to download from this website, read more...