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Many people request good books and resources on the topics of pain management and headache management.  It is impossible to have read or reviewed them all.  Listed below are good books and other resources which have I have used and do recommend. 

Scroll down this list to find recommended resources on pain management and headache management such as :

  • books
  • CDs
  • pain organizations
  • headache web sites


Here is my blog post about migraines.

If you have migraines, mark your calendar for the free on-line Migraine World Summit every March.  This is an amazing source of information.

HEADACHE WEB SITES is the web site of Help for Headaches, based in Windsor and London Ontario. It offers education (articles, newsletter) and a resource library. is the web site of the World Headache Alliance. is the American Council for Headache Education's web site for individuals with headache and the public. is the web site of the National Headache Foundation (USA). This site has a section for healthcare professionals and a section for individuals with headache. from the New England Center for Headache has headache articles. from the Cleveland Clinic has some interesting headache articles  (search for headache or migraine or other headache topic) from the U.K. has tips on living with migraine is the Migraine Mentors for Women web site. 



Bernstein, C. (2008). The Migraine Brain.
An excellent book on migraine headaches and how to cope with them.

Dachman, K. & Lyons, J. (1990). You Can Relieve Your Pain.
A book on how to use imagery to cope with pain.

Duckro, Richardson & Marshall (1999). Taking Control of Your Headaches. 

Fried, R. (1999). Breathe Well, Be Well. 

Kandal & Sudderth (2000). Migraine - What Works. 

Linchitz, R. Life Without Pain.

Olshan, N. (1983). Power Over Your Pain Without Drugs.

Olshan, N. (1987). The Scottsdale Pain Relief Program.

Robert, T. (2005). Living Well With Migraine Disease and Headaches. This book is at the Guelph Public Library.

South, V. (2001). Migraine. This book is at the Guelph Public Library.



From practicing with relaxation CDs as a guide, you can develop the skills to relax without needing the CD as coach.

Pain Control - a booklet, 2 cassettes for chronic pain control through relaxation; done by Dr. Tom Budzynski, AND a GSR biofeedback unit, can be ordered from Mind Growth 1-800-435-5354 or visit

Change the Channel on Pain: Managing Pain Successfully CD by Dr. Emmett Miller.

Headache Relief CD by Dr. Emmett Miller.

TMJ Health is a 6 cassette package using the Feldenkrais method of muscle awareness and training exercises for people with jaw tension and pain. It is available from the STENS Corporation in California at 1-800-257-8367   (cost is approx. $70 U.S.).

The Stress Management and High Performance Clinic's CDs have instructions in muscle relaxation, Autogenic Training, Open Focus, and bedtime relaxation...  read more...



The North American Chronic Pain Association of Canada , 150 Central Park Drive, Unit 105, Brampton, Ontario L6T 2T9 1-800-616-PAIN (7246)
This organization has 2 excellent manuals: The American Chronic Pain Association Workbook Manual , and the "How-to-Manage" Manual For Families of Chronic Pain Patients .