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The following comments are from participants, aged 15 to 68, who completed a 4 session group program
on strategies to decrease and better manage stress-related tension and migraine headaches :


"Better than tylenol and advil!  These techniques are more effective than any tension headache medications that I have tried since these headaches began in high school."


"Class was never boring. Lots of new information. I left 3 out of 4 classes with substantially reduced pain. It is the first time in years that I feel hopeful that I will get well!"


"My headaches are reduced and I can help to control them better. The little techniques and information makes me think more and notice more."


"I have learned how to prevent and alleviate some of the pain. It was definitely helpful."


"I found my headaches have decreased hugely over the past four weeks (from having 4-5 a week to 0 this week)."


"I use the information gained daily. It has greatly influenced my grades."


"This showed me a whole new aspect to headaches that I have never thought of. It was very successful and I learned many new things."


"The program was well organized and gave several strategies to try - which was great!"


"I looked forward to the sessions and thought the instructor was great. I am eager to try the suggestions."


"This program essentially made me more aware of triggers to my headaches and how to reduce or abort the migraine. It helped reduce the amount of headaches from 4 - 5 per week to about 1 or 2 per week."


"I've never had such an informative session and I've been to many doctors. Thank you so much for explaining how my head works! I really enjoyed the variety and amount of information received. I feel like I have lots of options now. You've certainly provided the tools. Thank you so much!"


"It is such a relief to know that there are alternatives to drugs! This has been a great learning experience and I have definitely seen some improvement already!!"


"I can finally do something about my pain and don't feel like it's hopeless anymore."


"I can actually say before I came here I had a headache every day, but by practicing various techniques I have days headache free  - -  that's huge!  I was skeptical at first, but this really helped me."


"I really enjoyed the pain management topic as I get headaches frequently.  The headache diary and prodrome sheet helped increase my awareness so I've been better able to monitor headaches.  I don't know where else I would have learned any of this."


"I got a lot of new experiences and information. I'm now very optimistic about reaching my headache goals."


"This course was a pleasant surprise.  I though it would be more lecture based, however it was far more practical.  This was very, very helpful."


"Really empowering and informative.  It kept me grounded to evidence-based, simple things to try or continue.  I fee more hopeful because I have options left to try."


"I learned a lot.  It gave me many ideas I hadn't heard of before to help decrease headaches and now I am going to try them and see if I can get any to work for me." 


"I've enjoyed every minute and learned a lot about prevention. It helped me take away headaches but, almost more importantly, helped me understand why I got a headache if I did."


"I definitely learned new things!  It gave me some new areas to research and new techniques to try.  The chronic pain has not gone away but I feel like I have more tools to deal with it!"


"The daily headache diary offers insight - many, many good strategies are coming out of this for me."


"It was very helpful in many ways.  I have skills and tools to step-by-step devise a pain management plan, practice it, and tailor it to help manage my headaches.  I saw and felt positive results.  I have useful practical skills to use and I'm more likely to practice them.  It was excellent and so useful."