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in the 3 session  ANXIETY: SKILLS & STRATEGIES  program


The following comments are from participants, aged 16 to 64, who completed a 3 session group program
learning strategies to decrease the uncomfortable sensations of anxiety :



“This has really helped me get closer to my goals and has made me more calm in public situations. 
After these 3 sessions and practice every day I am already noticing changes in my anxiety levels!  Good changes!”


“Great information that I never heard before.  The science behind anxiety really opened my eyes. 
Easy and doable tips & tricks that I can do throughout the day.”


“This program was exactly what I needed to get through the first weeks of university. 
It helped me realize how much stress I had in my life and described ways to help, and was very successful for me.”


“It went above my expectations and offered more helpful suggestions than I was anticipating. 
I hope to continue practicing to see more improvements.”


“I now have the tools to relieve stress on an ongoing basis.  It allowed me to reduce all of my anxiety symptoms.”


“I really enjoyed this program.  I am now more confident in being able to identify stressful/anxiogenic thought patterns which allows me to utilize the tools learned in this session.”


“Before I’ve mostly focused on my thoughts when I’m anxious.  I think it might be helpful for me going forward to think about physical symptoms and triggers. 
It taught me a few new skills and reminded me of some techniques I knew about but forgot I could use.”


“While the techniques may have been similar to things I have learned before, the explanation of why they worked, and how long before they worked, completely put them in a new, more helpful light.  This has been great.” 


“Lots of tools to work with from such a short program.  It was incredibly helpful to have someone tell me strategies, and presenting a practice experiment for the week was motivating.”


“Everything is doable -  small “bite sized” things I can easily try at home / work. 
As a scientist, I appreciated the citing of various research / studies when suggesting anxiety skills and strategies.”


“It equipped me more on how to handle stress / anxiety and how to de-escalate it!”


“It gave me new tools that I didn’t even know I needed.  I feel that, with practice, this could be very helpful to me. 
I think I finally understand how my anxiety and pain are linked and I believe breathing will be key for me.”


“I am using what I learned and incorporating it into my routine.  It feels good to have a plan.”


“Being one who goes to counselling, and being anxiety/depression ridden since I was 16, to feel as though I’ve taken away new strategies to help me further reach my coping goals is very exciting and hopeful.”


“It is a GREAT beginning course on a long journey and helps to begin managing anxiety and stress.  The handouts and exercises provide a foundation that can be built on and I hope to be successful at managing anxiety over the next few months.”


“It exceeded my expectations and made me feel like I can have more control over how I’m feeling. 
I loved the concept of the connection between physical and mental wellbeing and how physical adjustments can help.  I feel more hopeful about how I can feel better.”