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Do you have a build up of stress responses leading to


Knots in your neck?     Tight muscles?

Headaches?     Pain escalation? 

Stomach upsets?     Blood pressure spikes?  


Difficulty falling asleep?     A busy brain that won't shut off?  

Too nervous during presentations?  

Hard to focus?     Mind going blank?


Would you like to recover more efficiently from stress?

It's normal to experience stress -  and smart for our brains & bodies to gear up, activating stress responses to meet challenges and demands!

We function best with recovery periods after these activations.  In the 1990's stress researchers began reporting that in our fast paced western world, sleep is no longer enough to unwind and recover from all of the day's stress responses.

Thus, for best health and performance, it is important to have recovery periods throughout each day.


 There are 3 ways to decrease stress :

Avoid stressful situations.

Decrease the intensity of stressful situations.

Modify your responses to stressful situations.  

The Stress Management and High Performance Clinic specializes in teaching mind/body techniques

that you can use to self-regulate responses to stressful situations, and promote recovery before the next stressors . . .  

YES, you can learn to run your brain and body better!


Since 1979, the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic has offered the 12 session Relaxation & Stress Management Skills Training program for individuals to learn relaxation and self-regulation skills that improve health and performance.  Shorter group programs focusing on specific topics such as test anxiety, better sleep, decreasing headaches and curbing worry have grown out of this longer, skills-based program.  The shorter programs provide information and an brief introduction to the pertinent skills most relevant to that topic.  The 12 session program is solely about skill acquisition, going more in-depth in the relaxation training and possible applications in many real life situations.  Some people take more than one program!

If now is the time for you to release more stress and tension, and move forward in improving your health and performance, please click on the titles below to read more about the program and contact me to talk about getting started....

Relaxation & Stress Management Skills Training

Anxiety Skills & Strategies

Better Sleep Program

Better Sleep Workshop for Peri-Menopausal Women

Decreasing Headaches

Stress Eating

Take the Stress Out of IBS

Stress Less for Tests

STOP Worrying !